Ellie Shuesen

Japanese ink brush painter / Calligrapher She joined Shokaisha at the 7 years old and began calligraphy. After learning advanced grades at the 16 years old, she won the Yomiuri Shimbun Award, Saitama Prefectural Educational Director Award, Tokyo Governor Award, etc. at the National Center for Japanese Calligraphy.  After graduating from junior college, she obtained a teacher’s qualification at the Shohogakuin.  Many awards for general applications such as semi-specialty at the 50th Koyasan Competition, and special selection at the Sankei International Book Exhibition. Japanese ink brush  belongs to the Tokyo Ink Painting Society, and the awards include the Nichibi Exhibition Jury Prize.  Currently, he works as a principal of Hitshuekai and works as a calligrapher.